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Pig Rearing Farmers Facing Biggest Problem In Second Wave Of Covid19 In Tripura

Pigs themselves contribute 30 per cent of the total meat production in the state Tripura, recorded each kg meat of pig Rs 100 in the lockdown of COVID-19, the lowest price in the last two years. Sharing this information in course of a conversation with UNI yesterday, Mrinal Kanti Das said that he had started pig rearing work ten years ago but he didn’t face a problem to sell pigs. This time he faces the biggest loss due to the low demand for pig meat in the market for the second wave of COVID-19. Pig rearing farmers have faced the toughest challenge to continue it because of feeding cost. At amount of Rs 9000 has paid for food to make wait of pig 100 kg. The cost of food is high in all the cases for pig because the food collects from other states. A group of about 200 numbers pig rearing farmers, rearing about 5000 and more numbers of pigs, informed that the government must be serious about this issue to minimize the loss of pig rearing farmers. Aimed the rising cases of COVID-19, the state government declared lockdown restrictions till 10th June, also monitoring the situation by the administration according to the instructions given by the higher-ups of the state authority. On Wednesday, a section of meat sellers, which falls under Udaipur Subdivision of Tripura’s Gomati District, said after observation in the erstwhile capital city of Tripura- Udaipur town and found a large number of people in the market area with less demand for pig meat. The meat sellers expect that the demand for pig meat would be high after lockdown. The price of pig meat will also increase to Rs 300 from Rs 100. A certain amount of compensation for pig rearing farmers has demanded by the farmers to the government. The government doesn’t declare any compensation to support the pig rearing farmers to continue the business. Referring to the suggestions of agricultural economists of the state Tripura, the state government must be serious before the loss of pig rearing farmers, all must pay the recovery of their bank loan for a farmer.

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