Plea Submitted In SC For ‘National Commission For Men’ To Address ‘Violence Against Men’

Not only women but married men are also victims of domestic violence. This issue has come up many times and all kinds of arguments have come to the fore. 

Now once again this issue is going to be hot. In fact, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court, in which a demand has been made to set up a ‘National Commission for Men’ for men in the country on the lines of the National Commission for Women. 

It has been said in the petition that this will help the victims of men, especially married men who are victims of domestic violence, to seek justice for themselves and the cases of suicide of such men will decrease. 

The petitioner has appealed to the Supreme Court to consider his demand as soon as possible and give instructions to the Central Government for the formation of such a commission.

Advocate Mahesh Kumar Tiwari has filed this petition in the Supreme Court. He has also presented some statistics to prove his point. 

Through the report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for the year 2021, he has tried to prove that men are also victims of harassment. 

It has been claimed in the petition that more men are committing suicide than women in the country. 

According to NCRB data, in the year 2021, 1,64,033 cases of suicide were registered across the country, in which 1,18,979 cases were related to men and 45,026 cases were related to women. 

Advocate Tiwari has also claimed by quoting the data that even among the men who commit suicide in the country, the number of married people is about 3 times more than that of singles. 

According to the data, out of 1,18,979 men who committed suicide, 81,063 were married, while the remaining men were bachelors or widowers. In contrast, out of 45,026 women who committed suicide, the number of married women is 28,689. 

NCRB has claimed in its report that in the year 2021, 33.2 percent of the men who committed suicide took this decision due to family problems, while 4.8 percent of the men committed suicide due to dispute. 

Instructions should be given to the National Human Rights Commission to take action on the complaints of men suffering from domestic violence.

The Union Home Ministry should ask the states to give instructions to the police to register cases of men who are victims of domestic violence. 
The Law Commission should do research on suicides of men suffering from domestic violence and marital problems.

On the basis of the research report of the Law Commission, a decision should be taken to constitute the National Men’s Commission. 

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