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Plea To Have President Inaugurate New Parliament Building Dismisses By SC

On Friday, the Supreme Court did not hear the petition demanding the President to inaugurate the new Parliament House. 

As soon as the petitioner advocate Jaya Sukin started giving arguments, the court said – I do not understand why you people bring such a petition at all? What is your interest in this?

Thereafter, petitioner Advocate Jaya Sukin sought permission to withdraw the petition. 

Solicitor General SG Mehta, appearing for the Centre, said that after withdrawing the petition, they can also go to the High Court.

On this objection, the court asked Jaya Sukin that if you want to go to the High Court, we will cancel the petition. 

On this Sukin said – I will not even go to the High Court. I do not want the petition to be quashed, otherwise the government will get the certificate of such inauguration.

Sukin had filed this petition on Thursday. Sukin had said that the Lok Sabha Secretariat had violated the Constitution by not inviting the President to the inauguration. Only the President should do the inauguration.

Advocate Jaya Sukin said in the petition:

On May 18, it was told by the Lok Sabha Secretariat that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would inaugurate the new Parliament. The Parliament consists of the President and the two Houses of the Parliament. The President is the first citizen of the country. The President has the power to summon and dissolve the Parliament.

She appoints the Prime Minister and other ministers and all the work is done in the name of the President. 

The Lok Sabha Secretariat has issued orders arbitrarily without thinking. Not inviting the President of India Draupadi Murmu in the inauguration of the new Parliament House is a violation of the Constitution. The President also has executive, legislative, judicial and military powers.

20 opposition parties including Congress have announced boycott of the inauguration ceremony.

 The opposition says that the decision to get it inaugurated by the Prime Minister bypassing President Draupadi Murmu is not only a serious insult, but it is also a direct attack on democracy. 

At the same time, 25 parties including BJP will participate in the inauguration ceremony.

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