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PM Modi Addressed Indian Community In Sydney 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Australia on Monday in the last stage of his three-nation tour. On the second day of his tour, he addressed the Indian community at the Kudos Bank Arena in Sydney. 

During the address, PM Modi announced the opening of the consulate in Brisbane. Along with this, the PM talked about India-Australia relations to cricket. Where he showed the world the growing stature of India by mentioning the biggest vaccination campaign run by India during the Corona epidemic, while citing the promise made in 2014, he also took a jibe at the Congress without naming it. 

PM Modi started his address with Namaste Australia. Addressing the people present there, he said that there was a time when it was said that the relationship between India and Australia was based on 3C (Commonwealth, Cricket, Curry). After that it was said that the relation between India and Australia is based on 3D (Democracy, Diaspora, Friendship). Later some people also said that the relationship between India and Australia is based on 3E (Energy, Economy, Education). But the extent of historical relations between India and Australia is much bigger than this. During this, PM Modi will open a new Consulate (Consulate) of India in Brisbane. 

He said that this demand was being made for a long time, after which this decision has been taken.

PM Modi said that the people of Australia are so big hearted. So true and good that they accept this diversity of India with an open heart. This is the reason why Paramatma Chowk is built here in Parmata city. Wigram Street also becomes famous as Vikram Street and Harris Park becomes Harish Park for the people. Jalebi, Chaat of Jaipur Sweets in Harris Park, there is no answer to this. You guys will take my friend Albanese there too sometime. When it comes to food, it is only natural to mention the name of Lucknow. I have heard that there is a place called Lucknow in Sydney. I don’t know whether chaat is available there or not. How many streets in Australia with Indian names connect you to India. I was told that now the India Parade is going to start in Greater Sydney.

PM Modi said in his address that ‘When I came in 2014, I had made a promise. The promise was that you will not have to wait for a prime minister for 28 years. Well, here in Sydney, here I am again in this arena. And I am not alone. And I have not come alone. PM Albanese has also come with me. He has taken out time from his busy schedule for this program of ours. That shows your love for Indians. What you just said shows the love Australia has for India.’

PM Modi said that the basis of India-Australia relations is the biggest of these. Do you know what is the basis of these relationships? The biggest foundation is mutual trust and mutual respect. It has not just developed out of Australia-India diplomatic relations. The real reason and strength of this is – you each and every Indian living in Australia. You are his real strength. More than 25 million citizens of Australia. There is definitely a geographical distance between us. But the Indian Ocean connects us. Our lifestyles may be different, but now yoga also connects us. Don’t know since when we have been associated with cricket, but now tennis and films are also connecting us. Even though the way of cooking is different here. But now MasterChef joins us. Even though the festivals are different here, but we are connected with the brightness of Diwali, From the celebration of Baisakhi. We may have different languages ​​spoken here, but we are associated with so many schools teaching Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and Hindi and other languages.

PM Modi also mentioned the spirit of India’s Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam during his address. 

Referring to the recent earthquake in Turkey, he said that wherever there is a crisis in the world, we are always ready to help everyone. Today India is working under the force of Global Growth. We are working to unite the world. Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas… This is the basis of our government. 

During this, PM Narendra Modi also said that India is the mother of democracy. We see the nation as a family and consider the world as a family. This is the reason why this year when we are presiding over the G-20, its logo decides One Earth One Family One Future. 

PM Modi also said that I am happy to know that all of you have also celebrated the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence with great pomp. Our cricketing relationship has completed 75 years. The more interesting the competition on the cricket field is, the deeper is our off-field friendship.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi also remembered the great cricketer Shane Warne during his address. He said that when great cricketer Shane Warne passed away last year, millions of Indians mourned along with Australia. It was as if we had lost someone.. You all have a dream that our India should also become a developed nation. The dream that is in your heart is also in my heart.

The Prime Minister said that there is no dearth of capabilities or resources in India. Today India is the biggest and youngest talent factory in the world. IMF also considers India to be the most important in the global economy. India’s banking system is also strong. India did record exports last year and our foreign exchange reserves are also at a record level. There is a revolution in the fintech sector in India.

 PM Modi said that India’s biggest strength in Australia is the Indians living here. 

The PM also mentioned India’s vaccination program in his address. The Prime Minister said that during the Corona epidemic, India ran the fastest vaccination program in the world. Along with the people of our country, we also provided vaccines to all the countries of the world.  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mentioned India’s growing economy in Sydney. He said that the country which is moving forward with the goal of developing in the next 25 years is India. Today IMF considers India as the bright spot of the global economy. The World Bank believes that if anyone is challenging the global headwinds, it is India. Today India is the fastest growing largest economy in the world. We do not have shortage of resources. 

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