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PM Modi Addressed The Indian community In Greece

Prime Minister Modi addressed the people of the Indian community in Greece. He started his speech with Chandrayaan-3. 

PM Modi said that:

India has reached the moon. In our country, the moon is called maternal uncle. You must have seen in social media that such pictures are being made that before Rakshabandhan, the earth has reached to tie rakhi to the moon. Today, India has shown that by reaching the south pole of the moon, where no country in the world could reach. I congratulate all of you for this. PM said that I have been to many countries of the world, but coming to Greece is special for me. Here the history of Athens is most special. I am the MP of Kashi, one of the oldest living cities in the world. Athens is also the ancient city of the world. Vadnagar, where I was born, is also as ancient as Athens.

The Prime Minister said that evidence of civilization of thousands of years ago has been found in Vadnagar. Greece has given me the biggest honor here. You all deserve this honor. 140 crore Indians are entitled to this. I dedicate this at the feet of all the children of Maa Bharti. I would also like to express my condolences to the people of Greece today. When there was a fire in the forest here, a big crisis arose. Many people of Greece have died in this. India is with Greece in this crisis. The relations between Greece and India go back centuries. These relations are of civilization and culture. Greece and the Maurya Empire had friendly relations. Emperor Ashoka also had very deep relations with Greece. When there was no discussion of democracy in the world, we had democratic systems. We both civilizations have shared trade, culture, We have learned a lot from each other in every field from education. The identity of Indian civilization has been to connect the world.

The Prime Minister said that it has been empowered the most by our Gurus. Guru Nanak’s aim was also to unite humanity. He had traveled to many places in Greece. You saw how India kept the supply chain of medicines running during the Corona period. Made in India vaccine saved the lives of crores of people across the world. Bhandaras were started in Gurudwaras. The youth volunteered free of cost. These are our rituals. Today the world is moving towards the new world order. With the growing power of India, the role of India is also changing rapidly in the world. Right now I am coming to South Africa with participation in BRICS. G-20 is going to happen in India. India is its chairman. Our motto is Samastha Tu Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. One Earth, One Family One Future. That is, the future of the whole world is one.

PM Modi said that the specialty of us Indians is that wherever we live, we live together. They dissolve in milk like sugar in water. You are also working here for the development of rural and urban economy. Similarly, your relatives in India are also engaged with full intensity. Your family has made India number one in the world in milk production. Your family has brought India to the second number in the world in terms of paddy, fruits and vegetables. India is working on a scale that seemed impossible 15 years ago. Today India is the country where there are 150 million smart phone users in the world. India has the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world. India is the country which has the third largest ecosystem in the world. India is the country with the world’s third largest automobile market and the world’s third largest civil aviation market.

The Prime Minister said that today from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the World Bank do not get tired of praising India. Companies from all over the world are competing to invest in India. India is the 5th largest economy in the world. Experts from all over the world are saying that in the next few years India will be in the top-3 countries of the world. When the economy grows faster, the country rises out of poverty faster. In India, 13.5 crore citizens have come out of poverty in just 5 years. With the increase in the size of the economy in India, the income of every citizen and every family is increasing. If Indians are earning more, they are investing more. 10 years ago Indians had invested 8 lakh crores in mutual funds, today they have invested 40 lakh crores. Today India and its people are brimming with confidence. Today’s India is dominating the whole world on the basis of its science, innovation and technology.

PM Modi said that in the last 9 years, 25 lakh kilometers of optical fiber has been laid in India. This is 6 times more than the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Similarly, India has provided 5G service in record time in more than 700 of its districts. We have not borrowed this technology from anyone, rather it is Made in India. Today digital transactions have started happening in every street and village in India. If you want to buy anything even worth Rs 10 from Amritsar to Aizawl, you can easily make digital payment for it. Now there is no need of money in pocket, your mobile phone is enough. The speed and skill at which India is working today will melt your heart. Today India has the longest rail bridge in the world. Today the world’s highest motorable road is in India, the world’s largest cricket stadium is in India, the world’s tallest statue is in India. The world’s largest solar wind park is in India.

The Prime Minister said that the moon is a hot topic these days. That’s why let me tell you that in the last 9 years India has built all the roads in the villages. The distance of the moon from the earth, such long roads were built in 9 years. The length of railway lines laid by India is more than 25 thousand kilometers. India has laid more railway lines in the last 9 years than the total rail network in Italy, South Africa, Poland, Ukraine, Britain. The amount India is spending today on its infrastructure, never before. Today India is working on Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan and Jai Anusandhan. In India, we have started a scheme for the farmers, in which the government sends money directly to the farmers in their bank accounts for farming. So far Rs 2.5 lakh crore have been transferred.

India is going to start a big campaign to make the sisters living in its villages as drone pilots. The sisters of the village will help in farming by becoming drone pilots. Spraying medicine with this, transporting goods from one place to another, all this is going to be a game of his left hand. In India, we have given more than 20 crore swell health cards to farmers. They know what type of fertilizer is needed in the field, what type of crop the land is useful for. With this he is producing more crops. Our farmers are moving towards natural farming. We have one district one product. Gurdaspur’s jaggery, Nizama’s later turmeric, Amritsar’s marmalade. Targeting one product of each district, we are increasing its product. Greece is the place Where the Olympics were born. This fashion of sports is also increasing in India. India is doing amazing things from Olympics to other sports. Our Neeraj Chopra has done wonders. In the history of this competition, India has won more medals in one go than the total number of medals won.

Today’s India is celebrating its heritage and linking it with development. The world’s largest museum Yuge Yuge Bharat is now going to be built in Delhi. A few days ago, I had the privilege of worshiping the land of Sant Ravidas Park in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Here it is being made from soil brought from 50 thousand villages and 300 rivers. Saint Ravidas was born in Kashi. I have had the privilege of expanding various facilities in Kashi as well. Worked for better connectivity in 9 years. There was a time when Kartarpur was seen through binoculars. Our government has made it easy to travel here. Our government has worked with full devotion to celebrate all the festivals of Guru Gobind throughout the world. Now every year on 26 December in India, Veer Diwas is also celebrated in the memory of Shahbazadas. Physical in India, The era of digital and cultural connectivity has begun. Now people from Greece will also come to India to see many things in India. Just like I have told you about India, you also have to tell this to your Greek friends. There is a lot to see for the people of Greece in India. The people here are animal lovers. Although India has less than 2.5 percent of the world’s land, but more than 8 percent of the world’s biodiversity is in India.

75% of tigers are in India. India has the largest number of tigers, the largest number of Asian elephants in India, and the largest number of one-horned rhinos in India. There are more than 100 communities, more than 400 National Parks and Centuries in India. Today’s India never leaves the side of any child of Mother India. Wherever you are in the world, India never leaves their side in times of trouble. When there was war in Ukraine, we brought thousands of our children out safely, when violence started in Afghanistan, we also brought them out. There were a large number of Sikh brothers here. Not only this, Guru Granth was also brought from Afghanistan to India with full respect. Bharti Mission is always ready to serve you 24 hours a day all over the world. As India-Greece relations deepen, travel to and from Greece will become easier. We have to do everything possible to strengthen the relations between the two countries, said PM.

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