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PM Modi Should Sack The Incompetent Manipur CM Of BJP: Congress  

Manipur, the north-eastern state of the country, is not able to recover from the grip of violence. 

When internet services were restored in the state after a few days of peace, the picture of the murder of two students went viral on social media, after which the internet services are stopped again. 

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has appealed to the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Prime Minister regarding the unrest in the state.

PM Modi has been targeted. He said that the people of Manipur have been suffering for so many days but PM Modi does not have time to visit the state. Because of BJP, Manipur is made a battlefield. Along with this, the Congress President demanded the dismissal of Chief Minister N Biren Singh. He said that he is an ineligible Chief Minister.

“The horrific pictures of students being targeted in this violence have once again shocked the entire country. It is now clear that violence against women and children was weaponized in this conflict” he mentioned.

Mallikarjun Kharge further said, “The beautiful state Manipur has been turned into a battle ground because of BJP! Now the time has come, PM Modi should dismiss the incompetent Manipur Chief Minister of BJP. This will be the first step in controlling any further unrest.”

Notably , the caste violence that broke out after the tribal solidarity march on May 3 in Manipur, two pictures of 17 year old student Hizam Linthoingambi and 20 year old student Fizam Hemjit are going viral on social media.

 In the first picture, both of them are seen sitting on a grassy field, while in the second picture it seems as if they were murdered. 

In the photo, two people holding weapons are also seen behind them. 

After this incident, CM N Biren Singh talked about taking strict action against the accused. CBI investigation is also going on in the matter.

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