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PM Modi Urges Responsible AI Use. Raises Concern Over Deepfakes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday highlighted the dangers of digital media deepfakes and said that the looming threat of deepfakes is a matter of great concern, hence it is very important to understand the use of AI.

Addressing the gathering at the Diwali Milan program at the BJP headquarters on Friday, Prime Minister Modi talked to journalists about the dangers of deepfakes in digital media.

The PM said, “It is important to understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) works because it is being used to deliberately spread false information or for wrongdoing.”

The Prime Minister urged media persons to educate people about the negative impacts of using artificial intelligence to spread harmful content such as misrepresentation of individuals in deepfakes.

PM Modi said, “I recently saw a video in which I was seen singing Garba song. There are many other such videos online.”

He said, Deepfakes are used deliberately to spread misinformation or there may be a malicious intention behind their use. They may be designed to harass, intimidate, degrade and disempower people. Deepfakes can also create misinformation and confusion about important issues.

PM Modi said that the looming threat of deepfakes has become a matter of great concern and it can create many problems for all of us. Today, in the era of AI, there is a great need to use technology responsibly.

The Center has said that creation and spread of deepfakes will attract stringent penalties – a fine of Rs 1 lakh and three years in jail.

Deepfakes contain blackmail material designed to falsely convict people by misrepresenting individuals. Since these video and audio recordings can be difficult to verify, it may be difficult for any person to recover from the negative impact, even if verified as deepfakes.

The Prime Minister further said that the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign has received support from the people and the idea of ​​a fully developed India is not just words but has touched the ground reality.

The PM further said that local businesses have flourished under the Vocal for Local campaign and said that we all should give priority to our local products.

The Prime Minister said, “Now our position at the global level is stronger, the world now accepts our achievements.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the BJP leadership had reached the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) central office in the national capital for the ‘Diwali Milan’ program. Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP National President JP Nadda also participated in this program organized by the ruling party.

Additionally, journalists from the Indian media were invited by BJP party chief JP Nadda to attend the event.

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