PM…Silent On Hathras

It is obvious that India wants Prime Minister Narendra Modi to talk about Hathras — a case where the ruthlessness of the Yogi Adityanath administration and the gruesome nature of the incident has moved even the rigid upper-caste conscience. But Prime Minister Modi’s signature silence over social issues is still going strong, unless of course the topic is Kashmir, dead and alive Gandhis, Jawaharlal Nehru and Modi’s Muslim sisters who must be liberated from triple talaq. Prime Minister Modi obviously seems oblivious to this fact. While the nation was outraged by Hathras, Prime Minister Modi chose to not speak a word, either to assure the Indian women of their safety or to condemn the barbarity of the act. We don’t expect Yogi Adityanath to reassure women, but we expect the PM.  If PM Modi fails to recognise that the BJP’s Hindutva agenda has once again dangerously re-ignited the pride of the savarnas, especially in a state like Uttar Pradesh whose chief minister is a saffron-clad Thakur, the metaphorical ticking caste bomb will blow up on the party’s face. Time will show it.

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