PM Speaks. But….

The result of the no confidence motion was already decided, as the majority figure was one-sided. Anyway, after the debate, the opposition could not demand a vote as it had walked out in the middle of the Prime Minister’s speech.

Prime Minister Modi spoke for a total of 2 hours 13 minutes. After about an hour and a half passed, he came to Manipur and Northeast.

 Before that he called the opposition alliance ‘arrogance’. Talked about familyism and courtism. Termed the behavior of the opposition as ‘ostrich’. 

The Congress statement of ‘grave will be dug’ is considered a ‘tonic’ for itself. Talked about the ‘secret boon’ of the Congress that whoever it wishes bad for, it will be good for him. 

The Prime Minister claimed in Parliament itself that in 2024, BJP-NDA will break all records, with the blessings of the people. Will return to the government for the third consecutive time. 

In the third term of the government itself, India will become the third largest economy in the world. Actually there was no innovation in the Prime Minister’s statement. 

He continued to attack and satirize the Gandhi family, the Congress and the ‘India’ alliance, as this has been his politics for more than four decades. 

The Prime Minister turned his back on ‘poverty’ that 13.5 crore people have come out of poverty during his regime. This is the report of NITI Aayog. 

Quoting the International Monetary Fund does not make the truth clear. The Prime Minister did not reveal how many poor people are there in the country and how much population is still below the poverty line? 

RSS Sarkaryavah (General Secretary) Dattatreya Hosabale had said that even today 235 million people are poor or living below the poverty line. 

Because this has been his politics for more than four decades. The Prime Minister turned his back on ‘poverty’ that 13.5 crore people have come out of poverty during his regime. 

They are unable to even earn Rs 350 a day. Make a comparative disclosure of the reports of Prime Minister Niti Aayog and Dattatreya that what is the reality? 

Also clarify whether the new definition of poverty line has been fixed that how much income a citizen will come under its purview? 

The question is also that despite the end of Corona, why more than 80 crore Indians have to be given 5 kg of free food grains every month? 

Of course, the Prime Minister has cited the report of the World Health Organization and said that the ‘Jal-Jeevan’ scheme has saved the lives of 4 lakh people and 3 lakh people have been saved from dying. 

Who are these people – the poor, the downtrodden, the exploited, the deprived and the backward villagers. 

That is, such a group still exists in the country. How can they be kept out of poverty? 

The Prime Minister talked about malnutrition and women in the country, The horrifying truth of anemia in infants was not mentioned. 

Even more deaths have been happening than that. The worrying situation is that these poor people do not have enough resources to get their treatment done. 

Not all the poor are benefited under the ‘Ayushman’ scheme. However, Prime Minister Modi has expressed hope to the people of Manipur that a new sun of peace will rise soon. 

The whole country, the whole House is with Manipur, but even after 100 days of the period of violence, what is the situation today, the Prime Minister did not even mention it. 

The average picture of the sensitive areas of Manipur is that the burnt settlements, broken houses, closed, deserted markets are telling the horrifying reality of today. 

Over 40,000 people are crammed into around 350 relief camps. Closed, deserted markets are telling the horrific reality of today. 

Most are women and children. There are weapons in the hands of the youth in the name of caste or social status – indigenous as well as modern. 

When children cry for milk in the camps, the mothers feed them biscuits and put them to sleep. Many women are pregnant. There are no medicines, no adequate diet and no nurses to take care of their health. 

The youth have left their books and kept arms and are guarding outside the bunkers. Hotel, restaurant and tourism businessmen have returned to their native states. More than one lakh workers are sitting at home or have migrated. 

If there was a chance of no-confidence, then the Prime Minister should have touched all the important issues. 

Politics continues outside the Parliament. The issue of Manipur has become an issue of serious ethnic violence. This should be resolved on priority. 

A unanimous solution to the problem can be found by talking to all the concerned parties. The people of the state are not in favor of violence, therefore the solution is not impossible.

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