“PM Wants To Burn Manipur” Rahul Gandhi. “He Losts Mental Balance” Counters BJP

The monsoon session of Parliament ended on 11 August. After this, at around 3 pm, Rahul Gandhi held a press conference. 

Manipur remained the main issue in this. Rahul spoke only for 20 minutes.

Rahul directly accused the government that the PM wanted to burn Manipur, not save it. In his 2-hour speech in Parliament, he spoke on Manipur only for 2 minutes. It doesn’t suit.

4 main points of Rahul’s press conference…

Manipur is burning and the Prime Minister was talking laughingly, it does not suit him. If violence is taking place somewhere in India, then he should not speak laughingly like this.

I have been in politics for almost 19 years. I went to every state. Floods, tsunamis, violence happen, we go. In my 19 years of experience, what I have seen in Manipur, I have not seen anywhere else. For Manipur, I did not say without any base that Mother India have been killed.

When we reached Manipur, we had to go to violence affected areas. When we went to Meitei area, we were told that if Kuki is in your security, we will shoot. When he went to Kuki’s area, they said that if Meitei is in security, he will be killed. Manipur is divided into two parts.

PM is not able to understand what is happening in our country. Army can stop in two days what is happening in Manipur. The Prime Minister wants to burn Manipur, does not want to save it.

Union Minister said – Rahul has lost his mental balance
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi said that Congress and other opposition parties never thought that we would agree to discuss Manipur. As PM Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that we should be sensitive on this issue.

Even today, what has Rahul Gandhi said? I think Rahul Gandhi has lost his mental balance. He hasn’t heard the answer. They did not come to the House, it is very unfortunate that the so called oldest party is behaving so irresponsibly.

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