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Police Action During Peaceful Movement: STGT Job Aspirants Demands Clarification

On December 12, the of STGT qualified job aspirants were beaten by the police in front of the Education Minister’s house demanding the appointment together. police officers need to clarify why the youths were caned while returning home today. Does the police administration have the right to beat the job aspirants who went to meet the education minister in complete peace?”

The youth of STGT qualified job aspirants asked this in a press conference of Agartala Press Club on Wednesday. 

They did not get a chance to meet the chief minister despite writing their complaint five times. Later, some of them were taken to the Chief Minister’s house and kept in waiting for a long time after going in front of the Chief Minister’s house a few days ago. 

“But they were not given an opportunity to meet the Chief Minister. But still the unemployed youths did not take any action to heat up the situation in the state. So what happened last December 12 that the police lathi-charged them without any provocation. And did the minister instruct them to do this lathi charge, or did the police did it on their own” the STGT qualified job aspirants want an answer.

A young man named Biplab Banik, present at the press conference, said that the education minister got into the car and asked the police to clear it. When the young men and women left for home after realizing the matter, the police pounced on them and beat them like this. 

He also said that the minister has forgotten the contribution of teachers. Teachers are the backbone of the society in building the future. Those who are beaten on the streets today are the backbone of the society in the future. 

They also said that no statement has been received from the government and the police administration since two days have passed of this incident. 

“Education Minister Ratanlal Nath says there is a shortage of funds for recruitment of STGT teachers. But Finance Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debbarma never said that there is a shortage of funds. But the finance minister repeatedly asked the education minister to send the file” they said.

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