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Police Bust LPG Stealing Racket. Cylinders Loded Truck Seized In Dharmanagar

Police seize a vehicle with stolen LPG gas cylinders in Dharmanagar under North Tripura District.

For a long time there were incidents of theft of cylinders in Dhupirband, Ramnagar, Uttakhali areas.

The police of Dharmanagar police station received the information and launched an operation in Dhupirband area.

A six-wheeler of Indian Oil with 340 filled cylinders, vehicle number TR05-F 1783 and an auto with empty cylinders TR 05D 1753 from the same area were detained.

The driver of the auto managed to escape but the police managed to arrest the truck driver Nasir and assistant driver Ashok Das.

The cylinder filled car and the empty cylinder filled auto were brought to Dharmanagar police station.

Police said that the search is still ongoing and the driver and the assistant driver of the big car are being interrogated. 

Moreover, another number plate of AS 25C 9207 was recovered from the truck.

It is known that with the help of a number of local people, for a long time , instead of filled gas cylinders empty gas cylinders are being supplied to different parts of the state.

The owners of different gas agencies are getting filled cylinders as well as several empty cylinders in the vehicle instead of filled cylinders.

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