Political Pressure On Investigative Agencies

It was only a few years ago that the country’s top court had come down heavily on the actions of the Central Bureau of Investigation, commenting in a harsh tone. He was even called a ‘cage parrot’ repeating his master’s voice. 

In the current era, this serious remark of the Supreme Court is being said to be becoming a reality. 

According to one estimate, the number of investigations carried out by the Central Bureau of Investigation against opposition political parties has exceeded that during the NDA government as compared to the UPA regime. 

Although the tenure of the Congress is several decades long, but this growth has been seen in just eight years of NDA’s tenure. 

The period during which the Congress and its coalition governments were in power, a total of 72 political leaders had to face the CBI investigation. 

In which 60 percent of the politicians were associated with the opposition. 

On the other hand, during the tenure of the National Democratic Alliance, which came to power in 2014, at least 124 prominent politicians have come under the scanner of the CBI so far. 

Shockingly, out of these politicians, a total of 118 are from opposition parties. 

In such a situation, questions are being raised that why only about 95 percent of the opposition politicians are on the radar of CBI investigation? 

The issue of misuse of CBI by the central authority is a frequent issue in public debate. Despite this, neither the government seems to be backing down nor does the central probe agency seem committed to regaining its prestige. 

There was a time when investigation of a big case was done by the police and investigating agencies of the states, then the demand for a CBI inquiry to get to the root of the matter in one voice would first arise. 

Especially to get to the root of the complicated cases, it was believed that the CBI would do doodh ka doodh and pani ka pani

The facts that have come out recently are so real and logical that the registration of cases against the opposition parties alone cannot be dismissed as a mere coincidence. 

In this case, the claim of an investigating agency official that only big politicians of opposition parties are not being targeted seems to be inconsistent. 

The data obtained in the study at least suggests that politicians of opposition parties are being targeted to achieve the political goals of the ruling party. 

It itself is coming under public scrutiny due to the actions of the central agency. The hallmark of which is visible in the resolution passed in the Assembly of West Bengal. 

In the West Bengal Assembly, the Trinamool Congress had passed this resolution against the hyperactive activities of the Central Investigation Agency in the state. 

In the house, the Chief Minister of the state Mamata Banerjee attacked the BJP leaders of the state along with the CBI and the ED. 

However, the question is not whether the hyperactivity of the Central Investigation Agency in the state is being done at the behest of the BJP leaders of the state or under the pressure of the central government. 

Importantly, the misuse of the country’s largest investigative agency is unacceptable. Which undermines the foundation of this national institution. 

Over time, this weakens the constitutional and democratic structure of the country. 

In recent times, politicians from opposition parties in many states have left their parties and joined the BJP. 

It is being said that they are switching sides out of fear of investigation in various cases. 

It is believed that if these leaders had counteracted these tendencies, the judiciary could have played an important role in reining in the central investigative agencies. 

Undoubtedly, the public opinion of the country is always in favor of strict action against corruption. 

But targeting politicians of opposition parties for political gains cannot be logical.

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