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Political Unrest In Bangladesh: Khowai DM Inspects International Border Area

In response to the escalating political unrest in Bangladesh, a high-level delegation from the Khowai district administration recently conducted an urgent visit to assess the security measures in the border area of Khowai’s urban area.

Led by District Magistrate Chandni Chandran, the team, which included SDM Vijay Sinha and officials from the BSF, conducted a thorough inspection of the temporary barbed wire fence being constructed along the Khowai River.

They also inquired about the status of existing barbed wire fences along the border.

An important meeting took place in the conference hall of the Khowai Municipal Council on Monday afternoon, focusing on the border situation in Khowai.

District Magistrate Chandini Chandran, Commandant of the 104 Battalion BSF N-S Jamoyal, Chairman of the Khowai Municipal Council Debashish Nath Sharma, Sub-Divisional Magistrate Vijay Sinha, and other officials were present at the meeting.

The discussions primarily revolved around the various challenges faced in the India- Bangladesh international border area under the jurisdiction of the Khowai Municipal Council.

Following the meeting, the District Magistrate, BSF Commandant, SDM Khowai, and other district administration officials, along with the town chairman, conducted an on-site inspection of the international border.

They visited several border areas, including North Durganagar and Old Bazar. Of particular concern was the construction of a temporary barbed wire fence on the Khowai River.

Notably, while the construction of barbed wire fences in the Khowai-Bangladesh border area had been completed some time ago, there was no such fence on the Khowai River until now.

This gap had provided an opportunity for individuals from Bangladesh to cross the river into Indian territory.

The current political unrest in Bangladesh, local police, and the administration, in collaboration with border guarding forces, have become increasingly vigilant.

Consequently, the construction of temporary barbed wire fences, especially along the Khowai River, has commenced. The district administration observed that the work is being done properly.

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