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Polo Tower, First Ever 5 Star Category Hotel In Tripura: The Background

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb formally unveiled the first ever five- star hotels here at Agartala in presence of Dy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Varma and Tourism Minister Pranajit Singha Roy on Friday.
Polo Tower Hotels started its journey as a four-star categories hotel but it will be tagged with five-star within short period of time after induction of more facilities. The inauguration of new hotel is seen as a major milestone in the state’s tourism sector.
In his inaugural speech, the Chief Minister lauded the authority of Polo Tower Hotels for opening a five-star category hotel in the state to meet the growing demand for a standard hotel in the city.
“Tripura is all set to become a logistic hub with several development projects coming up in Sabroom. The Feni bridge, SEZ and ICP will bring a major change in the trade of the Northeast region. There will be employment scopes in the state. The North-eastern states will be depended on the Feni bridge to transport logistics from outside the NE region because of reduction in distance”, he said.
“Many business leaders will come to the state for trade and commerce. At present, the state lacks a standard hotel. This polo tower will provide them better facilities”, he said. The initiative to build a five star category hotel actually was started on 2010 during left front government. On that time formar tourism minister Anil Sarkar took initiative and invited ITDC to build a Five Star Category hotel and also provided the place of Rajarshi Jatri Nibash, Circuit House, Kunjaban, the place where the Polo Tower Hotel is now. But ITDC failed to continue the agreement. After that in October 4, 2016 Chief Minister Manik Sarkar led left front government made an agreement with Polo Towers Group to build a five star category hotel and provided the same place of Rajarshi Jatri Nibash. In 16 May 2017 Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and Tourism Minister Ratan Bhowmik launched the polo Tower Hotel.

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