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Post Poll Terror, Tripura: CPIM Family On Dharna For Safety

Sanjit Lodh, a jobless teacher under ‘10323’ of Tripura, is struggling daily to feed his family by driving takng cars in rent. 

He is a resident of East Chanmari area of ​​Barajala Assembly Constituency. But the aggressive attitude of the miscreants under post seems to have made him disorientated by Rahu Ketu dasa on the way of life and livelihood. 

At the end, the entire family of the helpless teacher is forced to sit on the streets to draw attention of the Chief Minister of the state for fair justice and security.

The miscreants allegedly ambushed his house on Tuesday night. The helpless teacher sat on the side of the road in front of his house and told the media that since the election results were announced on March 2, continuous attacks have been organized on his house. 

“Even did no harm to anyone, but fault of family is a CPIM supporter! So the whole family is under with constant terror” said Sanjit. 

After losing his job, this unemployed teacher continues to treat his wife who is suffering from a critical illness and to educate the children of the family by car driving. 

On Tuesday night miscreants ransacked his elderly father’s tea shop which was in font of his house and ransacked the living room also.

The entire family is not getting fair justice despite informing the police. Finally, on Wednesday morning, the family of unemployed teacher Sanjith Lodh sat on the streets, drawing the attention of the Chief Minister. 

He said that his daughter’s examination is going on in the family. The miscreants are constantly attacking him. Even Sanjith’s younger brother’s auto car is being not allowed to run on the road. 

The jobless teacher also said that his house is only 500 to 600 meters away from the Raj Bhavan. But there is no security. If the chief minister looks into the matter, he can stay here with his family. Otherwise, Sanjit Lodh thinks it is better to die than to live like this. 

Meanwhile, Sanjit’s old father Babulal Lodh cried. He begged for the family’s life with tears in his eyes and clasped his hands in front of the media camera. 

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