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Post Poll Violence: CITU Tripura Draws Attention Of CM. Demands Compensation Of Victims

CITU Tripura unit condemned the incidents of ongoing post poll violence and also demands compensation for the victims.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday at CITU Tripura Headquarters Agartala, president of the organization Manik Dey said:

“Majority of the people of the state rejected the BJP in the recently concluded assembly elections. For that, the miscreants supported by the ruling party, the BJP, launched an attack on the people of the working class. The CITU State Committee strongly condemning the jihad called by the government” 

He drew the attention of the Chief Minister and said that legal action should be taken immediately.

“The Chief Minister should take measures so that the laborers can join their work” said Dey. 

CITU General Secretary Shankar Prasad Dutta, who was present in the press conference, highlighted the statistics of the ‘incidents of terror’ and said that the BJP has unleashed terror on people of good sense since noon after the announcement of the election results on March 2. 

“Secretary and president of 24 of CITU subdivisional committees in the state are unable to stay at home. 705 auto rickshaws associated with transport are unable to run on the roads. 162 e-rickshaws are not allowed to run on the road” he said.

“For the last 20 days, 316 vehicles are not allowed to run on the road. 18 small and big cars are set on fire. The houses of 504 workers are vandalized. 432 houses are looted. The houses of 56 workers are set on fire. 302 roadside hawker shops vandalized and looted. 55 shops have been set on fire. And so far more than five hundred shops are not allowed to open” Dutta said.

The miscreants have locked up the shops. More than two hundred shops are looted. 122 rubber plantations are destroyed by fire. 215 people are being prevented from going to work in government gardens. And besides, more than 1500 workers are forcibly sent home by signing white paper for layoff. Among them are pump operators, REGA workers, There are TUEP workers and construction workers also. According to the information, 221 workers have been physically assaulted so far” claims Shankar Dutta.

“16 workers of Agartala Swami Vivekananda Awasan not been able to enter the residence since last March 2.  They are attacking on the livelihood of working class people in the state through such brutality. This press conference has been organized to bring back the BJP’s consciousness. If the government does not take step soon then the workers will advance for their own rights in the coming days” said CITU Tripura.

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