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Power Outage Crippling Services At Main Hospital Of Tripura, GBP

Not only in rural Tripura, power outage affecting the state’s main hospital GBP also. Once again there was no electricity in GBP Hospital in a large part of the day on Monday as well.

“The double engine government could not maintain normal power even in the operation theater” said a relative of a patient..

Due to lack of electricity, the relatives of the patient including the female patient had to stay in the lift for a long time.

In GBP Hospital without electricity, a chaotic situation was created due to the angry protest and shouting of the patients on Monday afternoon.

No official seen to answer why such an anarchic situation is being create almost every day.

The state health department is now in the hands of the chief minister himself. He is a doctor himself. Even today, many people are talking about the plight of hospitals.

Everyone, from doctors to nurses to health workers, was angry with this chaotic situation. They also said, if there is no electricity for hours, how can the medical services be continued?

“The chief minister or the power minister should come and see the condition of the sick patients”—many were shouting.

“The graph of service sector including health education electricity is going down day by day. Since the second BJP coalition government came to power, the suffering of people has increased drastically. The worst deterioration occurred in the electricity sector. This government is not able to provide uninterrupted electricity service even in the hospitals. Although the state power minister held a press conference and often explained that these are load shedding not power cuts. Sometimes they say that the problem is that consumers are using more electricity without informing the electricity corporation. The government is desperately trying to cover up its failure with excuses” said some family members of patents.

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