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Power Outage In Gomati District Spoils Festive Mood. Udaipur Matabari In Dark On Ashtami Night

Many parts of Gomati district including the Udaipur town has been without electricity since early morning on Wednesday. The misery of the common people has been exacerbated allegedly by the lack of activism of the TSECL authority. 

Moreover, the electricity is going off from many  times  during the day and night across the state during the Puja days too. Such news is coming from many parts of the Agartala city and various other subdivisions.

Notable a fire broke out at the Udaipur Banduar unit of the power substation  late last night. At about 3:15 am, major fire accident was reported at Banduar 132 KV Substation near Udaipur in Gomti district.

During the fire, one 5MVA 33/11 KV transformer was fully damaged and one 132/33 25 MVA transformer was isolated. Five cables and 6 current transformers were also damaged. The whole of Udaipur and a part of Amarpur is facing problem without electricity since then.

However, the technical team, including engineers from Udaipur and Agartala, has been working on repairs since early morning on Wednesday. Devotees are facing problem as no power in Udaipur Matabari Temple even in Wednesday night also, as last report came in.

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