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Prepaid Auto Service From MBB Airport Relaunched

Transport Minister of Tripura Sushanta Chowdhury relaunched the prepaid auto service from Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport. 

Note that this prepaid auto service was closed for the last 6 months.

Speaking in the program, Transport Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said that:

“Government enacts rules and policies to protect the interests of the people of the state It is the duty of all to strictly follow these rules and policies. If there is any inconvenience in this regard, the government and the department are sincerely trying to remove it”

“A meeting was held with the representatives of the airport area including security, transport, airport authority and auto drivers to launch this prepaid auto service. It was decided in the meeting that this service will be launched from today. Appropriate steps will be taken to keep this service operational in the coming days”

“The government and the department will wholeheartedly support the auto workers in solving any kind of problems in keeping this service running”

But the transport minister appealed to the auto workers to ensure that this service is not stopped in any way.

He also said that there are 280 auto drivers here.
The state’s image at home and abroad depends on their use.


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