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Present Govt Is The Most Anti-People Govt After Independence: Manik Sarkar

CPIM Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar addressed the 16th conference of All India Lawyers Union at Agartala Town Hall on Sunday.

Speaking in the conference he said:

“The government launched a massive attack on the media, the fourth pillar of democracy. For example, currently 90 to 95 percent of print media, electronics media and web media are managed by large corporators and monopoly capitalists. Attack is continue on those who are presenting the activities of the government to the people. And trying to stifle the voice” 

“The most anti-people reactionary government is currently in power in the country after the independence of the country. This government has created a complicated situation in the whole country. RSS is supporting this government from behind”

” They are working to increase the profits of the big capitalists without doing anything for the benefit of the people of the country. As a result, during this government, farmers are not able to produce crops, workers are being laid off, and there is an extreme lack of employment. People are dying of starvation”.

“The state is no exception. The state is going through the same situation. They are trying to stop the voice of the people if they protest”

“Attack on democracy is not right. There is no alternative tool to overcome this situation except struggle”. 

Manik Sarkar called to overthrow this government from the country based on this tool. 

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