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President of India Addressed The Nation On The Eve Of Independence Day

President of India Draupadi Murmu addressed the countrymen on the eve of Independence Day. 

On this occasion, he congratulated all the countrymen on Independence Day. 

The President said that it is a matter of pride that we are all preparing to celebrate Independence Day. 

The President said that India has been the mother of democracy, so the occasion of August 15 is a day of pride for us. 

Addressing the countrymen on Monday on the eve of 77th Independence Day, President Murmu said that Independence Day is a day of pride for all of us.

On the eve of Independence Day, the President said that I am very happy to see the atmosphere of celebration all around. 

She said that Independence Day reminds us that we are not just an individual, but we are part of a great community which is the largest and most vibrant community of its kind. It is a community of citizens of the world’s largest democracy. The President said that apart from caste, language and region, we also have an identity related to our family and work area. But we have one identity which is above all this, and that identity of ours is being a citizen of India.  

She said, Gandhiji and other great personalities rekindled the soul of India and took the values ​​of our great civilization to the people. Sarojini Naidu, Ammu Swaminathan, Rama Devi, Aruna Asaf Ali and Sucheta Many women celebrities like Kripalani have presented great ideals for women of all generations to believe in themselves and serve the country and society.

She said, I appeal to all the countrymen that Give priority to women empowerment.

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