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Press Freedom Index: India Ranks 161 Out Of 180 Countries

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) brings global rankings every year regarding press freedom in the world. 

This time India’s ranking has deteriorated a lot from last time. Last year we improved our ranking from 152 to 150 but 2023 report says we are at 161 rank. 

Pakistan and Sri Lanka have better rankings than us who have improved their rankings.

 Pakistan is at 150 and Sri Lanka at 135. India at 161 in press freedom, even below Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The rankings that follow India include countries like Bangladesh (163rd), Turkey (165th), Saudi Arabia (170th) and Iran (177th). China and North Korea occupy the last two positions with 179 and 180 respectively. 

This index was published today on May 3, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day. 

The Press Freedom Index is based on five categories, in which the performance of a country is assessed. 

Such as political system, legal framework, economic conditions, socio-cultural norms and Security of Journalists. 

Of these five categories, India’s ranking is the lowest in terms of journalist safety (172nd rank) and the best in social standards (143rd).

India is continuously going to the bottom position in the last few years. This year this rank has dropped further. 

In February last year, the central government had said that it does not agre with the views and ranking  of countries listed in the World Press Freedom Index as it is published by a “foreign” NGO.

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