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Price Of Commercial LPG Cylinder Increased

The price of commercial LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 25 across the country from Sunday January 1, 2023.

However, there has been no increase in the price of domestic gas cylinders. Government oil companies change the prices of gas on the first of every month. 

This time the government oil companies have not made any change in the prices of domestic gas cylinders.

 Let us tell you that there was a change in the prices of domestic gas 4 times last year and the price of a cylinder had increased by Rs 153.50. 

The last change in the price of domestic gas was done on 6 July 2022 when the companies increased the price of cylinders by Rs 50.

Due to costlier commercial gas, food will become costlier at restaurants, hotels and dhabas etc. 

Due to increase in the price of gas, their cost will also increase, which the hotel owners will transfer to the customers. 

That is, now if you go out to eat, your pocket will be looser than before. That’s why it would be better to check your budget before going to eat in the restaurant.

Domestic LPG prices depend on crude oil prices. Crude oil prices have fallen for a long time. Even today Brent crude and WTI are trading within $85. 

In such a situation, the increase in the prices of gas may seem a bit strange at this time. 

It is possible that this has been done to compensate for the reduction of Rs 115 made last time.

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