Price Rise: Govt Imposes 40% Duty On Onion Exports

After tomato, onion should not turn red due to inflation, so from now on, the central government has intensified its efforts. 

The Central Government has increased the Export Duty on Onion . 

The government is trying to ensure that there is no shortage of onions in the local market and that the prices remain under control. 

That is why this big decision to increase export duty has been taken. 

The government has increased the export duty by 40 percent. This means that 40 percent additional duty will have to be paid on selling the onions abroad.

The Finance Ministry said in a notification that till December 31, 2023, 40 percent export duty has been imposed on onions. 

The export duty has been imposed amid reports that onion prices are expected to rise in September.

Let us tell you that the inflation of tomatoes has already kept people worried for a long time. The prices of tomatoes went up to Rs 300 per kg, which are now around Rs 100.

 Due to being so expensive, people stopped eating tomatoes. Even keeping tomatoes at shops in the market was stopped.

After several months, the prices of Tomato have come down a bit. In many places it is available for less than Rs 100 per kg. 

In many places, the government itself bought tomatoes and sold them cheaply. This situation should not happen with onions, so the government has already started making efforts.

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