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Privatization Of Electricity, Smart Meters: CPIM Stages Protest In Agartala

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CPI(M) organized a protest program against privatization of electricity and smart meters at the Shakuntala Road in Agartala on Monday.

Speaking in the program former power minister Manik Dey said:

The BJP government is taking one step after another to privatize electricity. But without electricity, progress is not possible in any field including agriculture, education, medical . So realizing this, the Electricity Act was made in India in 1948.

The law said that the government should take responsibility for this electricity. 

The government have to take responsibility accordingly. The government will never ignore this responsibility. But the current government is ignoring that responsibility and wants to privatize electricity. And seeking to remove subsidy of people from electricity service.

Such anti-people decisions of the government must be protest.

Former MP and CPIM leader Shankar Prasad Dutta said that the government wants to hand over the country’s property worth crores of rupees to businessmen. As a result, all those businessmen will impose burden of money on the shoulders of the people in the hope of unlimited profit. As a result of which the poor lower class people will not be able to pay the electricity bill in the coming days.

Shankar Prasad Dutta said that they will refrain from electricity service. Other leaders of CPIM were also present in the organized program.

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