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Proactivity Of Security Guard: Patient Died In IGM Hospital

Last two days ago, a patient’s son was brutally beaten by a female security guard in Hapania Hospital.

Now an unwanted incident took place in IGM Hospital on Friday night. 

After receiving the vaccine from IGM Hospital, a patient with respiratory problem was brought to the same hospital. But because the security guard could not take the patient to the doctor on time, the son of the deceased alleged that the patient died.

After that, the patient’s family members rushed to the hospital. Then the police and CRPF jawans of West Tripura police station rushed to the spot.

Samu Mia, a resident of South Chandrapur area, was brought to the hospital at night due to breathing problems.

Then when the family members want to take the patient to the emergency department, the security guard stops the patient at the door. 63-year-old patient Samu Mia kept banging on the door of the emergency department for 15 minutes.

Samu Mia’s son told the security guard that there are three doctors inside. If a doctor comes and give medicine his father, the problem of breathing may be solved to some extent. Still the patient was not allowed to enter.

The patient’s family was told that there were two other patients inside and they had to enter in sequence after seeing them. At that time also a doctor was sitting in the chair of the hospital. Three great doctors of the hospital were witnessing everything from inside.

But still they didn’t came out and sent him with an oxygen mask to the fifth floor of the hospital without observe the patient.

 But the patient died before being admitted. Then the patient’s family members got excited. Seeing the tense situation, the accused security guard ran away from the scene to save his life. The police came running. Regulates patient’s family stimulated by CRPF. It is assured that the matter will be investigated.

However, it is not worth saying how much investigation will be done. In the past few days, the families of many patients have accepted such inhumanity in various hospitals starting from the main referral hospitals of the state.

Neither the medical nor the health officials gave an assurance, only the police gave an assurance. 

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