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“You Can’t Make Public Fool In This Way” Manik Sarkar On Reduced Crime Graph Of Tripura Government

“You can’t make public fool in this way. Public will take decision at last” Opposition leader Manik Sarkar said this to the government. He was reacting on the ‘propaganda’ reduced crime data given by SP West on last day in a press meet. ” Statement of SP West on crime Graph is ridiculous. What’s going on after 3rd march election result, all knows. Political terror going on everywhere. Opposition parties leaders workers are under attack. Crime against women increasing. From 92 years old to 10 years old, no body getting escape. Doctors, journalists, Lawyers are under attack. In this situation such figure of reduced crime is not correct” said Manik Sarkar. ” BJP is now Isolated from common people. People can understand their pre poll (jumla) promises. Even a section of BJP Party, who are sensible, question raising what’s going on? ” Added Manik Sarkar

Manik Sarkar
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