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Provocative Activities Taking Place Regarding Bangladesh Incidents. CPIM Places Deputation For Action

CPIM West Tripura District Committee has briefed about the ongoing situation in Agartala as well as in the state also regarding the incidents of attack on minority Hindu in Bangladesh to the District Magistrate.

CPIM also urged to DM west Tripura to take proper step to maintain peace & harmony. CPIM West District Committee Secretary Ratan Das said the recent communal incidents in Bangladesh were highly reprehensible.

The CPIM said in a statement that the Bangladesh government should take strict action against the culprits. 

But the CPIM West District Committee on Friday placed the deputation to the District Magistrate to ensure that the peace and harmony of the state of must not disturbed. 

“In the last two days, provocative activities have been taking place in the district centering on the recent incidents in Bangladesh” Ratan Das, secretary of the CPIM West Tripura district committee said this.

“The district administration should take legal action so that the peace and harmony of the state must not disturbed in any way” added Mr Das. Former MP Shankar Prashad Dutta and Shubhashish Ganguly were also present during the deputation.

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