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Public Suffering. CM Busy In ‘Joining Programs’: Congress Hits Tripura CM

Asish Kr Saha, President of Tripura Pradesh Congress, held a press conference on Monda.

Speaking in press conference he said:

” The present government and the BJP party have reached the extreme level of policy weakness. People’s anger has been raised by the degenerate and unconstitutional activities of this government in the country as well as in the state. As a result, 61 percent of the people in the state opposed this government in the last assembly elections. People’s dissatisfaction will increase in the coming days. Because the people are suffering in various fields including education, health, drinking water”

” Therefore, if the chief minister does not work for the people, Congress will be forced to take to the streets”

” Condition of State Cancer Hospital is severe. The patients even not getting refer . Many valuable machines in the hospital have been lying around for months. And the shortage of doctors and health workers has become acute. The Chief Minister of the state is not paying attention to these issues. Chief Minister is busy with party programs”.

Therefore, the state Congress president Ashish Kumar Saha urged to CM to focus on how people can get proper health services by avoiding party programs.

“There is no investigation of cut money in the state government offices. The news of corruption is constantly coming forward. There have been allegations of massive corruption especially with the Jal Jeevan Mission” said Ashish Kumar Saha.

He also demanded that the chief minister present a clear image to the people by conducting a fair investigation into the corruption allegations. At present the condition of the state is continuous terror on the opposition, extortion is going on in the name of ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’.

” Even the drivers are also under threat in the syndicates. Not only that, the names of people from the poorer sections of the opposition party have been cut off from social Pension” he said.

 Ashish Saha demanded to CM to take proper administrative action against.

He also said that the ruling party BJP is forcing people to go door to door to participate in the meeting. And announcing the statistics showing how many people joined. But the reality is that people are being pressurized to come and attend meetings. There is not even a shred of democracy in this state. And when the opposition wanted to talk about this issue, this government tried to keep them in the assembly by conspiring inside and outside the assembly. 

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