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Puja Festive Season: Amid Covid19, Crowd Increasing In Agartala

Crowd of people has become a common sight at Agartala’s popular shopping destinations days ahead of Durga Puja, as COVID-19 protocols go for a toss with crowds maintaining precious little social distancing and removing masks at will. Durga Puja shopping cannot wait, corona or no corona,’ Ruma Saha, a young homemaker, shot back when asked about venturing onto packed markets amid the raging pandemic in the city. ‘We are wearing masks and nothing will happen to us. We were stuck at home during the entire duration of the lockdown, but now everything has opened up,’ reacts another lady Ananya Chakraborty, to The Tripura Post on tuesday, making her way out of a garments shop on central road along with her son. Amit Saha, a hawker at Post office Chowmuhani in Agartala, had a ready reply for not wearing masks: ‘I can’t speak to my customers with this thing on my mouth’. Do you know how we survived all these months? At least, customers have been coming in the past two weeks,’ Saha, who sells garments on pavements, said. The wave of people on the markets and streets of the city agartal has triggered concern among health experts, who fear mass infection and a second wave of coronavirus. Doctors Community already issues warning. We can only hope people will avoid crowding and strictly follow COVID-19 protocols. We have to be aware of the situation.’ One of the District Magistrate official said on tuesday.

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