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Rahul Gandhi Holds Mega Road Show In Wayanad

During a mega road show in Wayanad, Kerala on Tuesday Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that 4 years ago I came here and became MP from here. It was different for me to campaign here. I am not from Kerala, but your love made me feel that I am your brother, your son.

Before this, Priyanka Gandhi said that I am happy to be here. It is a very emotional visit when I have come to Wayanad with my brother. Yesterday I was packing his furniture from his house. He will stay with his mother until a new place is found. A few years ago I also saw the same time when I had to change the house. My children and husband helped me. But my brother has neither children nor family.
I said that we had to go to Wayanad tomorrow. I am not good at giving speech, English is also not good. Then he said that Wayanad is our family, just talk to them like our family. So today I have come to talk to my family.

You know that he is a truthful man, who speaks the truth without fear. People want to silence him, he still speaks. You know that he always listens to you, talks to you and stands by your side to help you. You elected him but a court in Surat sentenced him to 2 years imprisonment, after which his membership of Parliament was terminated.

The whole government is saving one person,
the country’s ministers, MPs and PM are troubling a citizen who is asking questions because they don’t have answers to Rahul’s questions. The whole government is engaged in saving one person whose name is Gautam Adani. What happened to my brother shows the kind of dictatorship in our country. It is trying to sve its business man friend. The whole government is saving one person who is earning crores of rupees daily, but they are not saving the farmers who are not able to earn even a few rupees, they are dying of hunger.

Our soldiers are standing at the border to lay down their lives, but Adani is giving defense related projects to China. Our PM protects Adani but is not helping the people of India. They are trying to silence my brother, but you people of Wayanad have to be his voice.

Before this, Rahul Gandhi held a roadshow in Kalpetta, Wayanad. Many senior leaders of the party including Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi were present in this. This is Rahul’s first visit to Wayanad after disqualification from member of Parliament post.  He became MP from here in the last Lok Sabha elections.

Rahul had won from Wayanad
Tell that Rahul Gandhi had contested from Wayanad seat of Kerala in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Here he won by 4.31 lakh votes. However, he was defeated by BJP leader Smriti Irani from Amethi seat in Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi reached Parliament after winning the election from Wayanad seat, but his membership of Parliament was canceled on March 24 after Rahul was sentenced to two years by the court.

March 23: Rahul gets punishment in defamation case
Surat court sentenced Rahul to 2 years imprisonment on March 23. However, he got bail after 27 minutes. In 2019, he had given a statement regarding the Modi surname in the assembly of Karnataka. 

It was said – Why all thieves have Modi as their surname. After this, Gujarat’s BJP MLA Purnesh Modi filed a defamation case against Rahul.

March 24: Rahul’s membership of Parliament canceled
Rahul had reached the Lok Sabha on the morning of March 24, where he spoke on the Adani issue. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Parliament membership was canceled on March 24 at around 2.30 pm. He was a member of the Lok Sabha from Wayanad, Kerala. 

The Lok Sabha Secretariat issued a letter giving information about this. Rahul’s name was also removed from the website of the Lok Sabha.

In fact, the Supreme Court had said in a 2013 judgment that if any MP or MLA is found guilty in a lower court, he would be disqualified for membership of Parliament or Legislative Assembly. Under this rule, Rahul’s parliament membership has been cancelled.

Rahul held a press conference on March 25, in a 28-minute press conference Rahul told, ‘BJP tries to divert attention. 

“These people can’t stop me by canceling my membership. Whether I get membership or not, I will do my work. Even if it disqualifies me permanently, I will do my job. It doesn’t matter whether I am inside the Parliament or outside” he told.

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