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Rahul Gandhi In & As Ravana Poster By BJP: Congress Holds Protest Rally In Agartala

Rahul Gandhi in and as Ravana poster stirs national politics. Congress staging protest countrywide. Seeing the high command of the party in the form of a Ravana, the Congress leadership staging agitation.

The top leaders of the party ordered to hold protest programs at the state level as well.

As part of this, a protest rally was held in Agartala on Friday by the Tripura Pradesh Congress. 

State Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha, MLA Sudip Roy Barman were present in the rally organized on Friday.

Tripura State Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha criticized the BJP and said that the BJP has shown low taste and different conspiracies by distorting the image of Rahul Gandhi. Protests have been taken across the country. The state Congress also joined the protest called by the National Congress against BJP’s hateful politics. BJP will have to pay the price to the people of the whole country for such abominable behavior. Because BJP has distorted the culture of India.

“This BJP understands only conversion, separatism. By doing this they are trying to erase the history of India. Congress will continue its fight against this hateful politics of BJP” Said Saha.

He warned that BJP will not be able to weaken the clear image of Rahul Gandhi before the people. It is the ideologues of Ravana’s party who are now trying to distort Rahul Gandhi as Ravana. But this Rahul Gandhi’s family has sacrificed for the country. 

MLA Sudip Roy Barman said that the people of the country and the people of the state will reject this BJP in the coming days. 

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