Rahul Gandhi Takes Interview Of Former Governor Satyapal Malik

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has take interview of former Governor Satyapal Malik. In this, he talked about many issues including farmers’ movement, Pulwama attack and Adani and targeted the central government.

While sharing this conversation on the social media platform, Rahul Gandhi wrote, “Will this conversation increase the race of ED-CBI?”

During the conversation with Rahul Gandhi, Satyapal Malik, referring to the Manipur violence, said, ” North East was stable, but they (Central and State Government) made it unstable. It is about six months. I am giving it in writing that he will not come to power.

Actually next year i.e. in 2024 Lok Sabha Election. On one side is the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance and on the other side is ‘India’, an alliance of Congress, TMC and JDU and other opposition parties.

Rahul Gandhi asked that when you (Satypal Malik) were in Jammu and Kashmir, it was a very complicated time. What is your opinion on this?

Satyapal Malik said, “You cannot fix Jammu and Kashmir by force or army. You can do anything by winning over the people here. To solve the problem, first the statehood should be given back.”

He further claimed that the Central Government probably gave the status of Union Territory to Jammu and Kashmir because they thought that the police would revolt, but the police has been loyal to the government. They (police) did not even take leave in the month of Eid. In such a situation, elections should be held by giving statehood.

Rahul Gandhi said on this that when I went to Jammu and Kashmir, I also felt that people are not happy with the snatching of statehood.

Satyapal Malik said that when I asked them (Central Government) to give them statehood, they said that everything is fine.

Regarding the terrorist attack in Pulwama, Satyapal Malik said, “I am not saying that they (central government) did it, but in Pulwama they ignored it and then made political use of it.  In this they are saying that if you go to vote, remember the martyrdom of Pulwama.”

Rahul Gandhi said on this, “When I heard about Pulwama, I came to know that the martyrs are coming to the airport, then my security told me not to go to the airport, but I said that I am going. I was locked in a room at the airport. Martyrs had come and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi are coming. When I fought and came out of the room, I felt that a whole show was being staged.”

Then Satyapal Malik said that PM Modi should have gone to Srinagar. 

Satyapal Malik said that CRPF soldiers were martyred in Pulwama because they had asked for five aircraft. The application for seeking aircraft remained stuck in the Home Ministry for four months. The Home Ministry rejected this. For this reason these people left the road. He said that the explosive material had come from Pakistan. 

Satyapal Malik said that the government is a complete failure in Manipur. They have disturbed the North East.

He said that my opinion is that they should publicize how we are different from them (BJP).  

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