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Rahul Gandhi To Land At MBB Airport Tomorrow On His Aizawl Visit

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to land at MBB Airport in Agartala at around 10:45 am on Monday. He will be at the VIP launch of MBB Airport for some time. 

There, a delegation of five members of the Tripura Pradesh Congress who will go to MBB Airport to meet Rahul Gandhi. 

It is learned that the delegation includes Pradesh Congress President Ashish Saha, MLA Sudip Roy Burman and three other Congress leaders.

Rahul Gandhi is going to Aizawl by chartered plane on Monday. However, his aircraft will land for fuel at Agartala MBB Airport between Aizawl visits. 

He will meet the state leaders at the VIP launch there.  Then will he leave for Aizawl. 

He will come back to MBB airport from Aizawl on Monday afternoon. From there he will leave for Delhi again by chartered plane.

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