Rahul Gandhi Vacates His Official House

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday handed over the keys of the government bungalow to the Lok Sabha Secretariat. 

Rahul has shifted all his belongings from the bungalow. Even today their goods were carried in trucks. 

On the last date of the deadline to vacate the bungalow, Rahul along with his sister Priyanka Gandhi visited the bungalow twice.

Rahul was first elected MP from Amethi in 2004. He got this bungalow in 2005. Since then he was living in the same government bungalow located on Tughlaq Road Lane.

Sources say that Rahul is looking for a new place for his office. Currently, he is staying with his mother Sonia Gandhi at her house. 

Rahul had vacated most of the belongings from the bungalow on Friday.

 A few years ago, Priyanka Gandhi too had to vacate her bungalow in Lodhi Estate after the SPG security cover was withdrawn.

After disqualification from the MP, Rahul Gandhi was asked to vacate the bungalow by 22 April. On April 14, Rahul shifted most of his belongings to Sonia Gandhi’s house at 10, Janpath.

Rahul had written on the notice to vacate the house – I was elected Lok Sabha MP 4 times. This is the mandate of the people. I am thankful to those people. I have many good memories attached to this house. I will follow the orders given in the notice.

On the notice to vacate the bungalow, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge had said, “If Rahul vacates the bungalow, he can go live with his mother or come to me.” I will vacate a bungalow.

Rahul Gandhi will go in the High Court against the conviction in the defamation case. 

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