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Rail Ministry Of Deprived Tripura: CITU

CITU once again pointed fingers at the railway services of Tripura and accused the railway ministry of depriving the people of the state. 

General Secretary Shankar Prasad Dutta said in a press conference at the CITU Tripura state office on Friday that:

” On June 27, a delegation of the Left went to Maligaon, the headquarters of Northeast Railway, and drew the attention of the General Manager to improve the railway services in Tripura. And the General Manager has taken a positive role in two aspects of the state as per demands”

“But he did not take proper action on the rest of the issues. Then the matter was discussed with the officials of Agartala railway station last August. And it is pointed out about the non-operation of demo trains from Agartala – Sabroom as announced by the Ministry of Railways.  But it is seen that even after a month passed, the demo train service yet to start. On September 14, the Ministry of Railways announced that Rajdhani Express will travel through three other routes from January 24”.

“It will take more time. Currently, Bande Bharat train has decided to reduce the travel time across the country. Which is nothing but imposition on the people of the state. In particular, the state did not give any importance to the opinion of the people. People of Assam and Tripura will be affected. They have deprived the people of the state. And since there is no faster train with Delhi to Tripura except Rajdhani , it was assumed that the Assam government and the Tripura government would take up the matter with the people of the state. The government is not seen to say anything on this issue so far”. 

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