Rajasthan Assembly: Sacked Minister Waves ‘Red Diary’, Allegedly ‘Dragged’ Out

This last session of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly has become very stormy. 

On Monday, former minister Rajendra Singh Gudha (rajendra singh gudha) reaches the assembly and asks for time to speak from the assembly speaker. When he does not get time, he comes in front of the Speaker’s seat and starts showing the red diary. 

After this, there is an uproar in the house. Opposition MLAs also come with them.

The demand to show the red diary continued, but they did not get time. Not only this, Rajendra Singh Gudha tries to enter the house again and the marshal stops him at the gate itself.

 At the same time, the discussion about the expulsion of Rajendra Singh Gudha from the Congress party has also intensified. The political atmosphere here has become heated. 

In the interview recently, Rajendra Singh Gudha had said that he had burnt that red diary, but today he has waved the red diary. 

From this the question is now arising whether the red diary is there or there is another one? Since then, Gudha wanted to open the secret of that diary in the House itself, but he was not allowed to do so.

 Sources say that this red diary is looking new, while he was discussing the old diary. 

Rajendra Singh Gudha, who was a minister in Ashok Gehlot’s government, says that the matter is going to progress further. For which a strategy is being made.

Both the government and the opposition are firm on this issue. Now the Leader of Opposition and Deputy Leader of Opposition are also going to hold a press conference. 

On the other hand, sources are telling that the party is thinking seriously about the MLAs who have come from BSP to Congress. Some such situation is coming to the fore in the minds of those MLAs as well. 

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