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Rajdhani Express From Agartala To Anand Vihar To Run Via Bhagalpur

The operation of the proposed Tejas Rajdhani Express from Agartala to Anand Vihar Terminal via Malda Bhagalpur Jamalpur Kiul has got the green signal. 

Railway Board has issued a notification related to the operation of weekly Rajdhani from Malda-Bhagalpur-Jamalpur route. Train No. 20501/02 Agtarla-Anand Vihar Terminal (Weekly) Rajdhani Express is expected to start operating from the month of December.

Booking of reservation tickets in trains starts four months in advance, hence reservation booking will be started soon. 

According to the letter issued from the Railway Board, the train will stop at Bhagalpur after Malda. 

After Bhagalpur, Tejas Rajdhani will stop at Jamalpur and directly at Patna. Tejas Rajdhani running via Malda-Bhagalpur-Jamalpur-Kiul route will stop at Bhagalpur and then Jamalpur after Malda. 

DRM Vikas Choubey of Malda Railway Division said that Rajdhani is to be operationalized. The date has not been determined. Agartala-Anand Vihar Terminal Rajdhani Express will depart from Agartala on Monday evening and reach Jamalpur on Tuesday night. 

In return, this train will leave Anand Vihar Terminal at 7.50 pm on Wednesday and reach Jamalpur on Thursday afternoon.

Tejas Rajdhani running via Malda-Bhagalpur-Jamalpur-Kiul route will have stoppages at Bhagalpur and Jamalpur in Malda Town. Directly from Jamalpur, Tejas Rajdhani will stop at Patna. 

Two stoppages are provided between Patna and Anand Vihar Terminal, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay and Kanpur Central. For 21 years, there was a demand to run Rajdhani Express to the country’s capital Delhi via Bhagalpur. Now I have received this gift.

Departure time from Agartala

Train number 20501 will run every Monday at 3.45 pm. It will reach Bhagalpur at 6.25 pm the next day on Tuesday via Ambassa, Dharmanagar, Badarpur Junction, Guwahati, Rangia Junction, New Jalpaiguri, Malda Town. It will leave after a five-minute halt here and reach Jamalpur at 7.25 pm. 

After stopping for two minutes at Jamalpur, it will reach Patna Junction at 10.10 pm. After leaving Patna Junction, DDU will reach at 1.15 pm. It will reach Kanpur Central at 5.30 am on Wednesday. After five minutes it will leave for Anand Vihar Terminal and reach the terminal at 10.50 am.

Timings from Anand Vihar Terminal

Train number 20502 will depart from Anand Vihar Terminal every Wednesday at 7.50 pm. The next day, Thursday, it will reach Patna Junction at 7.55 am. It will depart from Patna Junction at 11.35 am and reach Bhagalpur at 12.35 pm. 

It will leave from Bhagalpur at 12.40 pm and reach Malda Town at 4.25 pm. After leaving from here, it will reach Agartala at 3.40 pm on Friday.

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