Reforms Need In The Election Commission

The Election Commission of India did not delay in sending ‘show cause notices’ to Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

The Commission has also stopped those Rath Yatras, in which a circular had even been issued forcing government officials and employees to become ‘Rath-Prabhari’ and publicize the projects of the Government of India.

However, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot gave a statement during this time that CBI and ED keep roaming ‘like dogs’.

Compared to the public statements made by Priyanka and Himanta, Gehlot’s remarks are highly objectionable as he was cursing the country’s major investigative agencies.

Investigative agencies operate under the Constitution and law and are answerable to the Government of India.

Congress has been ruling the country for more than 55 years. Did she also follow CBI and ED ‘like a dog’? Did the Election Commission not send a notice to Rajasthan Chief Minister Gehlot and ask for his explanation or is the action on the notice still under consideration?

However, the Commission has considered the statements of both the star leaders of Congress and BJP against the ‘Model Code of Conduct’.

While addressing a public meeting in Rajasthan, Priyanka had taunted Prime Minister Modi that he had put only Rs 21 in an envelope in the donation box of a temple. Actually, such taunts do not get votre.

Such publicly insult of the Prime Minister is not even an election issue nor does the public accept it.

Just as various political parties in other states are campaigning to get mandate on their respective issues, the Congress General Secretary should also have limited himself to the issues. This mentality itself is ‘feudal’.

The comments made by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Bishwa Sarma to a Chhattisgarh minister also violated the code of conduct.

Himanta holds a constitutional post, hence there are more expectations from him regarding decorum of words and language. Certainly the ‘immediate action’ of the Election Commission is remarkable and praiseworthy, but the election process will end in five states on December 5.

If by then satisfactory explanations from these leaders do not reach the Commission, then what action can be taken against these leaders is a question of concern and concern.

Perhaps that is why the Election Commission has been considered ‘toothless’ in many contexts.

The elections will pass, the leaders have given the statements they had to give, hence the politics has been played, but what is the role of the Commission regarding the protection of the code of conduct?

However, the Chief Minister of Assam has clarified his statement by writing on ‘X’ (Twitter) and has termed the Congress government of Chhattisgarh as ‘guilty’.

Priyanka Gandhi has used WhatsApp channel to present her point of view. Having intense and destructive conversations using social media remains a contentious issue.

Social media is not an appropriate forum for constitutional clarification. It doesn’t even have legality. This is a forum where politicians believe they can ignore the Commission’s notices and clarifications. In fact, this should also be punishable, hence there has been talk of reforms in the Election Commission.

Suppose, if any leader says anything objectionable against the code of conduct, then immediate action should be taken to disqualify him from campaigning and giving speeches.

The final decision can be given after reply to the notice. This privilege can be given only by the Parliament and the Government of India. The process of assembly elections is going on in five states, so it is natural for the campaign to be full and fierce. It is the role of the Election Commission to crack down on them.

There are many things in the statements and speeches being made which are against the code of conduct and are highly objectionable.

They also question democracy, hence it is challenging for the Commission to face and control such situations and tendencies.

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