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Rehabilitated During Earlier Govt: 7 Families Evacuated By Administration

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Seven families has been evicted forcefully by the administration. The incident happened in Rayabari Muslim Para of Udaipur under Gomati district of Tripura

According to the report 46 families have been living in East Gokulpur Raiabari Muslim Para area under Killa police station Udaipur Subdivision. for many years.

These families were once displaced by terrorist attacks and came here during 1985 to 2003.

The then state government rehabilitated them to live there. As the government provides houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to these families, roads with potable water and electricity are built as per the instructions of the state government. 

Yet for several years the forest department ordered the families to evacuate. 

Finally, on Thursday, Gomati district police and paramilitary forces along with the district administration, sub-divisional administration, forest department officials demolished the houses of seven families. 

The helpless families are Abit Mia, Rakesh Mia, Sajahan Mia, Jalil Mia, Abdul Halim, Mir Hossain, Amir Hossain. On this day houses are broken with bulldDozer.

The families started crying. Women with newborn babies screamed for a place to live. The administration allegedly did not allow them even for breakfast . 70-year-old Raila Bibi, Saida Bibi, Akima Begum, Manora Begum’s two-month-old daughter fell to the ground after seeing the scene of the demolished house. 

Meanwhile, Gomati District Forest Department official Dr. NK Chanchal said that they have evacuated as per the government instructions. 

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