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Religious Differences Being Used To Divert From Real Issues: Rahul From Red Fort

The Bharat Jodo Yatra of the Congress has reached the Red Fort in Delhi on Saturday. During this, Rahul Gandhi addressed from the Red Fort. 

Rahul Gandhi said that Hindu-Muslim debate is going on in the country for 24 hours. The aim of this visit is to connect India. 

Rahul said that in the journey of 2800 km, I did not see hatred anywhere. Gandhi said that degree holder youths are selling pakoras. 

Rahul Gandhi said from the Red Fort, “The whole country knows that this is not Narendra Modi’s government, it is Ambani-Adani’s government. I walked 2,800 km, I didn’t get hatred or hatred anywhere. Violence was not seen but whenever I open news channel I always see hate-violence. It happens because they want to divert your attention from here and there. Your attention should not be diverted from the real issues even by mistake”.

In his address on reaching the Red Fort in Delhi, the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said that the problems of the farmers are not being resolved. We didn’t see clothes, costumes and religion in our travels. Rahul said that people of all religions participated in the Bharat Jodo Yatra. I did not see hatred anywhere in the country. Rahul said that if anyone can give employment to this country, then it can be given by farmers and small traders because there are lakhs of them in the country. The doors of the bank remain closed for them.

During this Congress MP said that 1 lakh crore, 2 lakh crore, 3 lakh crore are easily given to 2-3 billionaires of India but when farmers and small traders go in front of the bank, they are pushed out. Rahul said that even dogs came in Bharat Jodo Yatra but no one killed them. Cow, buffalo, pig, all the animals have come. This journey is like our India, no hatred, no violence. 

Rahul said that when I entered politics in 2004, our government came to power and the media kept praising me throughout the day. Then I went to Bhatta Parsaul (in UP) and raised the issue of farmers’ land and they turned against me. 

Pointing towards Chandni Chowk, Rahul Gandhi said, “There is also a temple, a mosque and a gurudwara here. This is Hindustan.”

He claimed that attention is being diverted by spreading hatred and that airports, ports, roads and the country’s assets are being handed over to the “owners of the Prime Minister”. 

He said, “When someone pickpockets, he first sees that the attention of the person being pickpocketed should be diverted. This is what is happening in the country that the country’s pocket is being cut by diverting attention. 

The Congress leader said that most of the jobs in the country are provided by small traders. Rahul Gandhi said demonetisation and ‘wrong GST’ were not a policy decision, but a weapon to kill farmers and small traders. 

He said, “The Prime Minister broke the backbone of small businessmen for his owners.”

Rahul Gandhi said, “The Prime Minister of the country is under control, just like the press is under control. He is not able to handle it. ”

Targeting the BJP and the government, the Congress leader said, ”Now these people are spreading fear. They are spreading fear in the hearts of farmers, youth, small traders and mothers and sisters. Lord Shiva says don’t be afraid, Hinduism says don’t be afraid. These people always talk about spreading fear”

Rahul Gandhi said. “Where is it written in Hinduism that the poor should be crushed, the weak should be killed? In Hinduism, there is talk of hugging.”

He said, “The press person asked me why you don’t feel cold. Why don’t these people ask the farmers and the poor of the country? We didn’t make any big deal by walking 2800 kms. Farmers, laborers walk daily. ”

Rahul Gandhi also targeted the Prime Minister over the tension with China on the border. He said, “China grabbed two thousand square kilometers of our land. The Prime Minister says that no one came inside. If no one came then why did our army talk with their army 21 times?” 

The Congress leader said, “We have to make such a Hindustan that if a youth buys a shoe in Shanghai, ‘Made in India’ is written on it.”

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