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Renters Severely Beaten By House Owner For Pending Rent In ONGC Netaji Nagar Under Amtali PS

In a shocking incident, a 34-year-old woman and her family was beaten severely beaten by his house owner in Netaji Nagar, ONGC under Amtali Police Station for failing to pay rent. The incident took place on Friday. The victim identified as Manti Acharje, used to work as a folk singer and could not pay rent for 3 months due to the lockdown. The victim lived with her husband Bishnu Acharjee who is an auto driver and a children. According to the report Manti Acharjee was out of job for months but he managed to pay her rent till the month of July using her savings. However, after July , Manti and her Husband couldn’t pay their rent of Rs 3,000 per month. By the end of October , the victims owed Rs 12,000 as rent to their house owner. On November 3, the landlord went to the victims and demanded the balance payment of Rs and threatened to throw the family out if they did not pay.  Manti Acharjee begged the house owner and his son for more time but they started abusing and beating Manti and her children. She was thrashed severely with stick by house owner Jadumani Sarkar’s Son Naren Sarkar.

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