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Restore Law & Order, Provide More Relief: Tripura CPIM After State Committee Meet

After one day meeting of the CPIM State committee meeting through online yesterday, the party has alleged that lawnessness prevails across the state and the law and order situation of the state has deteriorated. After the end of their online state committee meeting CPIM through a press statement alleged that during pandemic hours the people of the state are being deprived from their basic legal and constitutional rights. Especially the poor people are passing their days in distress in absence of government support. Mentioning the law and order situation the state committee members stated that even in the month of May there were 14 murders, 12 rapes and gang rapes, 39 incidents of unnatural deaths, and in many cases planned murders cases were turned into suicide without any inquiry. But the worst is that many people including political party workers were attacked in front of police and despite assurance from Chief Minister in the Assembly, the continuous attacks on opposition supporters are continuing across the state. The attacks have also been continuing different Social Programs and even in blood donation camps and disrupted by miscreants. After an attack on the opposition leaders in Shantirbazar and assurance from the Governor during Corona Curfew one minister in presence of his security guards led fascist like attacks over the supporters of CPIM in Kamalpur and illegally captured a party office. CPIM also criticized the state government over alleged failure to control the Covid Situation and the majority of poor people not getting the government declared relief assistance. The statement also condemned the clashes among the supporters of TIPRA Motha and BJP after the TTAADC Elections and called for restoration of normalcy in ADC. CPIM also demands 10kg of rice and Rs 7000 per month for all the non tax payers poor families and adequate number of mandays under MGNREGA and TUEP for the livelihood of poor people.

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