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Rights For Dalits: CITU Tripura To Participate In Parliament Abhiyan

CITU Tripura to hold state-wise convention in Agartala on November 23 on 17 point demands.

After that on December 4, there will be Parliament abhiyan. CITU Tripura to participate in this Parliament Abhiyan.

Dalit leader Sudhan Das said this in a joint convention organized by Tripura Agricultural Laborers Union, Tripura Scheduled Tribes Coordinating Association, Tripura State Fishermen Union, Tripura Sabha Shunder Development Association, Tripura Leather Artists Association and Tripura Harijan Development Association to protect the constitutional rights of Dalits and strengthen the social justice movement .

He also said the people of the country want to protect the constitution. But during the tenure of this government, the deprivation of Dalit people is increasing day by day.

“This government is reducing the opportunities of scheduled section people in all areas including education, economy. Because the allocation for them in the central budget has decreased. So in this situation, a set of programs have been undertaken for their rights”, he said. 

Besides, he also said that this government wants to close the law that is there for the protection of the people of the Scheduled Section. 

He said that there is no other option but to take to the streets against it. 

Lawyer Purushottam Roy Burman, former minister Bhanu Lal Saha, Ratan Bhowmik and other leaders were also present in the program organized in Melarmath.

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