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Rozgar Mela Scheme: PM Distributed 71,000 Appointment Letters 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday issued appointment letters to 71,000 youth under the Rozgar Mela scheme of the central government. 

All these youths belonging to different states have been given jobs in central government departments. The Prime Minister joined the program through video conferencing.

PM said- I have always considered myself a student. I never think that I know everything and now there is no need to learn anything. Never think that you have learned everything. Always ready to learn.

On this occasion PM also said:

Corona brought down the economy of many countries, but we stood strong.
Today India is the fastest growing economy in the world. The whole world is facing recession after covid, the economy of most of the countries is continuously falling. Despite this the world is looking at India as a bright spot.

2. Startups have created more than 40 lakh jobs.
Today, many such sectors have opened up in front of the youth, which were not available to the youth 10 years ago. The example of startup is in front of us. 

Today there is tremendous enthusiasm among the youth of India regarding this. According to a report, the startup has created more than 40 lakh direct and in-direct jobs. Similar is the case with the drone sector. At the same time, in the last 8-9 years, the sports sector of the country has also been rejuvenated.

3. Under the self-reliant India campaign, satellites are also being built in the country.
The thinking and approach of ‘Self-reliant India campaign’ is more than adopting indigenous and ‘vocal for local’. This is a campaign to create crores of employment opportunities in India, from villages to cities. 

Today, everything from modern satellites to semi high speed trains are being manufactured in India only. Before 2014, it took 7 decades to electrify the railway line. After 2014, we electrified more than 40 thousand long railway lines in 9 years.

4. Defense equipment will also be made in the country itself
For decades this approach dominated in our country that defense equipment can be brought from outside only. We did not trust the makers of our country that much. 

Our government also changed this approach. Our army has prepared a list of more than 300 such equipment and weapons, which will now be made in India and will be bought from Indian industry only.

5. Rejuvenation of toy industry increased employment opportunities
For decades, Indian children played with toys imported from abroad. Neither they were of good quality nor were they made keeping Indian kids in mind. 

We fixed quality parameters for imported toys and started promoting our indigenous industry. Within 3-4 years, the toy industry was rejuvenated and many new employment opportunities were created.

In 6. 9 years, the government increased capital expenditure by 4 times than before.
Another aspect of creating employment is the investment made by the government in infrastructure projects.

 When the government spends on capital expenditure, many things including roads, railways, ports are prepared on a large scale. Capital expenditure in the country has increased by 4 times in 9 years.

 This has not only increased the employment opportunities, but also increased the income of the people.

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