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Saratchandra Remembered On His 148th Birth Anniversary

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Saratchandra Chatterjee ( Chattopadhay). A Bengali writer, novelist and storyteller. He is one of the most popular fiction writers of South Asia and Bengali language. He was born on 15 September 1876 and died on 16 January 1938. 

On Monday 148 birth anniversary of Saratchandra Chatterjee has been celebrated in Agartala. Sarat Sanskriti Parishad celebrated the birth anniversary of this great writer in Bengali literature.

Many of his novels have been translated into major Indian languages. Baradidi (1913), Parineeta (1914), Pallisamaj (1916), Devdas (1917), Charitrahin (1917), Srikanta 1917), Dattak (1918), Grihadah (1920), Pather Dawai (1926), Sesh Prasna (1931) etc are the famous novel written by Saratchandra.

Due to his unrivaled popularity in the history of Bengali literature, he is known as ‘Invincible Poet’. He received the Jagatarini Gold Medal from Calcutta University in 1923.

Also, he received the title of ‘D.lit’ from Dhaka University in 1936.

Saratchandra is an immortal poet of Bengali literature. The main subject of his novel is rural life and society. In his works, he has painted the portrait of how much the mind of an individual can be bloodied by the impact of the reformed mentality of the countryside. 

However, he is also called conservative because the desires and freedom of individuals are always controlled by society in his novels. 

However, he is a revolutionary writer in portraying the social oppression of women and his reformed life, especially his deep compassion and respect for the neglected and deprived Bengali women in the village is unparalleled. 

He was a loud voice against social discrimination, superstition and scriptural lawlessness. 

The outstanding skill in creating stories and the very clear and fluent language are the main reasons for the popularity and fame of his writings. 

Many of his novels have been adapted into screenplays in various Indian languages ​​including Bengali and have achieved tremendous success, namely: Devdas, Srikanta, Ramer Sumati,  etc. Saratchandra was also skilled in painting. 

His ‘Mahasweta’ oil painting while living in Burma is a famous painting.

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