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”School On Boat’ Service Launched In Damboour

A major initiative has been taken to boost the education sector in Dumboor Island àrea of Dhalai District Tripura which shares international border with Bangladesh. 

Students of this area will now be able to get good education after leaving the lake area. For this, the Manik Saha government of Tripura has taken a big initiative. The education department has started boat on school service for Damoour Lake.

In fact, going to school was a big challenge for the students living in the islands of Dambur Reservoir. 

Chandni Chandran, Tripura’s director of secondary education, said the ‘school on boat’ service is extremely important for students living in the small islands of Dambur Lake. Karabuk – Dakmura Gomatibari SB School is the primary educational institution for many students living on these islands.

The Director of Secondary Education said that due to lack of road connectivity, students face a lot of difficulty in reaching the school. Students often traveled in such boats, in which danger was high. In such a situation, an incident also came to the fore. After which a plan was made to run a boat for the students from the point of view of safety and a skilled boatman was also hired to run it.

Everyday more than 100 students reached the school for school on boat. The boat will take a maximum of 50 students at a time, it will make all the students cross the boat in three rounds.

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