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School Student Stabbed Businessman To Death In Broad Daylight In Melaghar

A school student stabbed a businessman in Melaghar market area under Sepahijala district in broad daylight on Sunday. 

There has been intense anger in the entire area due to the incident. Local people and other businessesmen rushed to the spot as the victim was hacked to death in broad daylight. 

The injured businessman was rescued in a bloody condition and taken to the local hospital. 

As his injuries were serious, he was referred to GBP Hospital from local Melaghar Hospital. 

According to family of deceased , he died on the road before reaching GBP Hospital Agartala. 

The deceased identified as Biswajit Debnath. He was a owner of a xerox shop in Melaghar Bazar. 

Monday is Viswakarma Puja. For that, Biswajit Debnath went to the shop to clean his shop. At that time a school student went to his shop for xerox. 

But Biswajit Debnath alleged that the student took Rs 2500 from his cash box taking advantage of his busy schedule. 

When he pounced on the minor and asked him to open his bag, the minor school student took out a knife from his bag and stabbed Biswajit Debnath several times. 

He bled on the spot. On his scream, the nearby traders rushed and detained the minor. Bindu Debnath, the newly appointed MLA of the area went to the spot after receiving the news of the incident. 

He inquired about the entire incident. Meanwhile, the minor himself admitted that he had committed the incident. 

According to him, the money was not of the shopkeeper. His mother gave him this money. When the businessman asked him for the money, he stabbed him. 

In the incident, intense panic has erupted in the area. This kind of incident by a school student created anger and tension throughout the area.

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