Shootout At Delhi’s Rohini Courtroom. 3 Dead Including Gangster

At least three people, including gangster Jitendra Mann, alias Jitendra Gogi, were killed in a shootout at Delhi’s Rohini court premises on Friday, 24 September.

According to Delhi police, as quoted by ANI, assailants opened fire at gangster Gogi who was brought to the court for a hearing. Gogi was rushed to the hospital but later succumbed to the injuries.

Three attackers have also been shot dead by the police. The attackers were reportedly dressed as lawyers, according to ANI.

One of the attackers had been carrying a reward of Rs 50,000 upon his head, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana was quoted as saying.

The incident happened in Rohini court number 206 when Gogi was presented before the judge.

Gogi was in jail and had been arrested by Delhi Police Special Cell in 2019.

Gunmen dressed as lawyers barged into a court hearing and shot gangster Jitender Gogi thrice. Special force personnel escorting the gangster then fired back, killing both the attackers on the spot.

Jitender Gogi, a notorious gangster involved in several criminal cases and jailed at Tihar since last year, was declared dead in hospital. A rival gang, going by the name “Tillu Gang”, had plotted to kill him when he was brought for his court hearing today, said the police.

The incident marks a huge security lapse on court premises.

A lawyer, Lalit Kumar, said: “The judge was in court, lawyers were present and Jitender Gogi was there. These two lawyers (who turned out to be shooters dressed as lawyers) walked in and started shooting. An inter was also shot.”

The two gangs had reportedly been at war for years and more than 25 people have died in their clashes.

Gogi, born Jitender Mann, was arrested in March last year and was considered a big catch for the Delhi police.

The incident has raised questions about whether metal detectors at the court were working and if they were, how the armed men could get past.

“The question on whether the metal detectors were not working in the court premises is a matter of investigation and I cannot comment on that at the moment. We are already investigating the case and we shall not spare anyone who is involved in this shootout. No one will be spared,” Mr Asthana told.

He added: “Delhi Police is doing its job seriously. We were effective and focused and that is why the shooter was successfully neutralised. We will say more after a detailed investigation is carried out.”

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